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Theme of the 3rd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Women (AMMW) is "Social Security for Women and Girls Towards ASEAN Vision 2025"
03:32 PM 10/08/2018
(LDXH) On August 1st 2018, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), the Organizing Committee of the 3rd ASEAN Women's Ministers Meeting (AMMW) held first meeting to prepare for the conference which will be held at the end of October. Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha participated in the meeting as chairman of the Organizing Committee.
According to Nguyen Manh Cuong, Director General of the International Cooperation Department, in preparation for the successful organization of AMMW 3, on June 26th 2018, the Minister of MOLISA signed the Decision No. 812 / QD-LDTBXH on the establishment of the Conference Organizing Committee, chaired by Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha, with three sub-committees: Secretary - Contents; Reception - Logistics and Propaganda - Security - Health. As planned, the Organizing Committee will hold three meetings to complete the preparations for AMMW 3 in accordance with the contents, regulations, safety of ASEAN practice.
The overview of the meeting
Mrs.Ha Minh Duc, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department, Deputy Head of Sub-Committee on Logistics - Logistics said: Following the success of The 1st ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Women (2012, Vientiane, Laos) and the second one (2015, Manila, Philippines), AMMW 3 and related meetings will take place in Ha Noi Capital and Ninh Binh province, Vietnam from October 17th to 26th, with the theme "Social Security for Women and Girls Toward ASEAN Vision 2025". This Conference includes 6 events for office and workshop level, 2 Ministerial Events (3rd AMMW Conference and Ministerial-level Partnership Meeting). Attending the conference will be delegations from ASEAN, ASEAN + 3, EU, UN Women, ILO, international and regional counterparts; On the Vietnamese side, there will be MOLISA units involved in social security, gender equality and children, representatives of the Government Office, relevant ministries and agencies: Foreign Affairs, Health, Education, Vietnam Women's Union ...
Deputy Nguyen Thi Ha spoke her opinion at the meeting
The AMMW 3 is organized in the context that the commitments and priorities of ASEAN in the area of social security, women and gender equality are increasingly focused and promoted; Many policies remain inadequate, making it difficult for women to access employment, vocational training, social insurance and social services; The aging of the population in the region is accelerating, with the number of women living longer than men, lonely elderly women alone. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, gender stereotypes and gender equality challenges still exist.
The objective of the Conference is to update on the achievements of women and gender equality since the AMMW 2; report and seek guidance from ministers on the progress of implementation of the ACW Work Plan and Operations 2016-2020; exchange of views, sharing of laws, policies and implementation at the national level of ASEAN countries related to the promotion and assurance of social security for women and girls towards the implementation of the ASEAN Vision 2025 and targets for sustainable development until 2030; Proposals and recommendations of the Meeting to ASEAN leaders; Discuss and adopt the Joint Declaration of the Conference.
Mrs.Ha Minh Duc, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department reported on the preparation of AMMW 3
After listening to the opinions of the delegates from the Ministries, branches: Foreign Affairs, Culture - Sports and Tourism, Police, Government Office, VWU, Hanoi Department of Health, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha emphasized that the AMMW 3 was an important event of international cooperation led by MOLISA in 2018. Recently, MOLISA has directed the relevant units to prepare for the conference to be organized in a respectful, safe and thrifty manner.
Representative of the Department of ASEAN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared his opinion at the meeting
She also proposed that the Organizing Committee should focus on a number of tasks such as a clear division of responsibilities of members in each Sub-committee and regular exchange of information; Preparation of Invitations, draft documents, Ministers' Declaration, drafting of speeches, setting up scripts for executive meetings and conferences; translation facilities; plans on layout of vehicles, officials for service, meeting rooms, working rooms, receptions and equipment for the conference; Developing effective propaganda ... The units in the Ministry should coordinate with the regular department of the Conference (International Cooperation Department) and corporate with the concerned ministries and branches in elaborating their plans, forecasting of possible situations to handle, training experts and volunteers for the conference ...
Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha believed that with experience of organizing important international conferences and events in the past, as well as close cooperation of relevant ministries and sectors, the 3rd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Women Conference would be certainly successful.

Duc Duong

Translated into English by Minh Ngoc

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