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Vietnam first attends “Water Technology” at the World Skills Contest
10:51 AM 27/02/2019
(LĐXH)- In September, the 45th World Skills Contest will take place in Kazan, Russia. The organizer will introduce the "Water Technology" test into the exam for the first time. Vietnam will send a candidate to the competition.
According to the General Department of Vocational Education (Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs), the representative of Vietnam attending the new test will be Nguyen Thai Phuong. In August this year, along with his coach Nguyen Xuan Thanh Nam, Nguyen Thai Phuong will fly to Kazan (Russia) to show his skills and compete with members from other countries.
At the 45th World Skills Contest, the contestants will show their skills and abilities in many areas of the "Water Technology" fields such as: Water analysis, measurement technology, control and adjustment, maintenance of auxiliary equipment and control of wastewater treatment plants. Besides technical expertise, the skill, speed and ability to work in groups also play an important role.
The wastewater treatment processes will be operated smoothly if only the workers are well trained. To achieve this, a modern training program with good structure needs to be required.
The Innovating Vocational Training in Vietnam (Germany Development  Organization GIZ) in collaboration with the General Department of Vocational Training and Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association has developed a training program "Drainage techniques wastewater treatment" at College of Industry II, based on international standards. By 10/2018, the first students were graduated and Nguyen Thai Phuong was one of them.
According to the General Department of Vocational Training, the quality of the vocational training program basing on "German standards" could be considered as a model for training technicians in sewage and wastewater treatment in Vietnam.
In the coming time, the training program "Drainage techniques wastewater treatment" will not only be trained in College of Industry II but also expanded at other colleges in the country./.
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