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Vietnam and Cambodia tighten cooperation to prevent and go against drug
09:57 AM 27/04/2017
(LĐXH) On March 19th, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung had a meeting with Mr. Ke Kim Yan, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Committee for Drug Prevention and Combat of Cambodia on the occasion of his working visit in Vietnam. Both leaders shared a number of issues in order to strengthen cooperation against drug.
Overview of the meeting
Minister Dao Ngoc Dung welcomed Deputy Prime Minister and the Cambodian delegation to visit and work with the Ministry about the hot issue about drug prevention. Minister said that in the context of drug situation in the region was more and more complicated, the world was emerging different policy trends to solve the problem of drugs. This meeting between Vietnam and Cambodia to exchange and share views on combating drug problems is very necessary. It improves the effectiveness of drug prevention of the two countries and helps to solve drug problem in the region. The cooperation activities between Vietnam and Cambodia has contributed to the prevention, detection and arrest of smuggled criminals across borders.
Minister Dao Ngoc Dung provided information about activities on drug prevention in Vietnam
In the present, the relationship between Vietnam and Cambodia is developing well. Mr.Ke Kim Yan's visit will make an important contribution to strengthen the traditional friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Cambodia on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relationship.
Deputy Prime Minister Ke Kim Yang hoped that the two countries will share experience and information on the battle against drug
Deputy Prime Minister Ke Kim Yang said that the situation of drug trafficking and people using drug was still complicated. Cambodia is not only a destination but also a transit center for drugs. In 2016, Cambodia's functional forces broke more than 4,000 drug shipments, arrested 9,933 suspects, seized 179 kg of narcotics. To overcome this difficulties, he hoped that the two countries would continue the coordination activities in the near future. Both two sides will exchange experience and information on drug prevention; cooperation on multilateral  forums; discuss more issues related to treatment of drug addiction. Cambodia representatives asked Vietnam government to focus more on building voluntary community-based drug rehab centers.
 Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia and Minister of MOLISA discussed about the construction of voluntary drug treatment centers
On the specification of policies of Government and Party in building voluntary community-based drug rehab centers, Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Trong Dam said that this is a good opportunity for Vietnam and Cambodia to share experience and ideas between the two countries. Especially for voluntary community-based drug rehab centers, it is necessary to discuss how to determine the appropriate institution, how to administer the facility when treating to drug addicts not only by medicine but also with the full range of psychological and social therapy. He hoped that two parties would build a foundation that combined the strengths of both countries in order to expand the model to other localities. With the ground area of about 20 hectares, that Cambodian government planed to build community-based drug rehab center which aimed to a friendly environment, effective treatment through psychological counseling and vocational training to help patient to reintegrate into the community. Therefore, all construction calculations must be reasonable, ensuring adequate functional areas in parallel with the structure of personnel to meet professional demand.
At the end of the meeting, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung thanked the Deputy Prime Minister for the comments on the battle against drug and drug addiction. The minister also praised the solutions of Deputy Prime Minister Ke Kim Yan to this issue. Accordingly, the two sides' solutions were quite similar in terms of institutional development, facilities development and coordination with functional forces. Especially, in the process of drug treatment, the drug addicts should be considered as patients in order to receive supportive care but still have access to all citizens' rights and be bounded by legal remedies.
Leaders of MOLISA took a souvenir photo with the delegation of the National Committee for Drug Prevention of Cambodia
For the construction of drug treatment centers in Cambodia, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung fully agreed with the Deputy Prime Minister that the construction needs long-term plan. Currently, the Government of Viet Nam is implementing regulatory procedures to assist Cambodia in establishing a voluntary drug rehab center for drug addicts.
Dang Doanh
Translated into English by Minh Ngoc
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