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Handing out Memorandum of Understanding to bring Vietnamese skilled employees to work in Japan
11:07 AM 10/07/2019
(LDXH) On July 1st, in Tokyo, Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) Dao Ngoc Dung and Japanese Minister of Justice Takashi Takashi handed out a Memorandum of Understanding (MOC) on the legal framework to properly implement the "special skilled labor" program.
Witnessing the MOC Handover Ceremony were the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and representatives of relevant ministries and branches of the two countries. In order to strengthen special skilled labor protection, facilitate the appointment and reception of special skilled labor on the basis of complying with the laws of the two countries, address issues related to staying in Japan of special skilled labor especially eliminating bad intermediaries and illegal activities, MOLISA of Vietnam signed with The Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the National Police Department of Japan the MOC report on a special skilled labor program.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOC)
on the basic legal framework to  implement the "special skilled labor" program .
The two sides also built the focal agencies to implement MOC including: Department of Overseas Labor Management - Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs in Vietnam; the Residence Management Department, the Residence Management Support Department, the General Administration of Residence Management and Immigration in Japan.
The two parties agree to share and publicize information about authorized agencies to dispatch or receive special skilled workers to work in Japan. At the same time, to include the commitments of the ministries of the two countries in coordinating the management and supervision in order to:
(i) Remove bad organizations that violate the laws of the two countries and the provisions stated in the Memorandum of Cooperation from the nomination program and receiving skilled labor.
(ii) Prevent illegal activities to bring special skilled labor to Japan disguised as studying abroad.
Round table discussion between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and large Japanese enterprises
The MOC also stipulates the part of the responsibility as well as other commitments such as:
- Responsibilities of Japan: "Include in the guidelines on cost sharing by agencies related to the costs of Japanese language training or skills training, travel expenses, covering the cost of returning to Vietnam after terminating the employment contract and other necessary expenses for dispatching skilled workers according to Vietnamese regulations. "; They pledged that "Do not accept skilled labor, especially Vietnamese people who have not completed the necessary procedures in accordance with Vietnam's regulations including regulations on areas and prohibited industries."
- Responsibilities of Vietnam: "Issuing relevant regulations, including specific regulations on expenses (mentioned above) or proposing a competent authority of Vietnam to issue."
In addition, MOC also secured the rights of Vietnamese skilled workers who are specifically residing in Japan to enjoy benefits under immigration law, labor laws and other regulations. Moreover, employees will be entitled to other benefits related to the cost of Japanese language training or skills training, travel expenses including the cost of returning to Vietnam after the termination of the labor contract.
In general, the content of MOC has ensured rigor, minimizing individuals and organizations without functions to take advantage of the study abroad form to send workers to work in Japan and it is a legal framework basically to stipulate that dispatching and receiving special skilled labor is processed smoothly in accordance with the laws of the two countries.
Translated into English by Minh Ngoc.
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