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Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep welcomed Japanese Ambassador in Vietnam
10:32 AM 13/11/2018
(LDXH) On November 7th, Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Doan Me Diep had a meeting with the Japanese Ambassador Okabe Daisuke, on the occasion of his new term in Vietnam.
At the meeting, Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep congratulated Ambassador Okabe Daisuke on his assignment in Vietnam, affirmed that the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan has developed remarkably for 45 years and become closer than ever before. Vietnam and Japan have been strategic partners on comprehensive development. Japan is one of the largest investment countries in Vietnam. Many Japanese enterprises operating in Vietnam have been very successful.
Particularly, in the social fields such as health, labor, social security ... the two countries also have good cooperation. Many programs have been effectively implemented through the JICA Development Partnership Program or other support activities from the Government of Japan, such as the postwar mine warfare review, which have also been implemented in many localities. In addition, in the process of improving the labor law, Vietnam has received positive support from Japan. In the field of social insurance, Japan and wants to exchange experience and cooperate with Vietnam on social security policy, which can benefit the two countries.
Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep hoped for closer and longer relationship between Vietnam and Japan in human resources cooperation
Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep hoped that as Japan's Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Okabe Daisuke will have useful activities to promote and further strengthen bilateral relations as well as with MOLISA in particular.
Ambassador Okabe Daisuke expressed his pleasure to greet the Deputy Minister after two months of his term in Vietnam. The Ambassador stressed that the human resources cooperation between Vietnam and Japan is very important. This is the field that the Ambassador of Japan in Vietnam always wants to promote and receive effective cooperation from MOLISA.
He also mentioned the activities of sending and receiving Vietnamese trainees and emphasized that the two countries agreed to increase cooperation in this field and would do better management to eliminate brokerage centers that exhibit illegal activity. He appreciated the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) over the past time in management, inspection and handling of dozens of illegal dispatching centers.
“We always look forward to welcoming young Vietnamese to Japan at the lowest cost through legal centers, so that they can enjoy their working time in Japan and return to work well in Vietnam. We hope to strengthen cooperation with MOLISA”, the Ambassador said.
From April 2019, the revised Immigration Law of Japan will officially come into force. The law has many new points, so there should be cooperation from the authorities of Vietnam to help sending the trainee to Japan more conveniently and legally.
At the same time, the Ambassador asked the MOLISA to corporate in implementing the plan of training candidates for the 7th session of the nurse, expected to be held on December 12th 2018.
Duong Thin
Translated into English by Minh Ngoc
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